These days - in these fraught times - there's not one of us who doesn't want some real comfort from what we eat. Denise Obrien is a restaurateur who is all-in for comfort food.

From the artwork on the walls, to the music, the décor, the authentic home-made food, everything at The Talent Cafe is unique, right down to the home-made catsup sauce. Denise painted all the art on the walls, but what’s more amazing is that they were painted in the café, while she was working! They are scenes from her life.

For fourteen years, in the previous and the current location, the Talent Café has been a success serving breakfast and lunch to the community and to visitors generated through tourism. The café has also hosted many special events in the evenings, and it has been the site of countless business meetings and gatherings over the years. It is one of those restaurants where you feel comfortable settling in, and where you can actually hear well enough to have a conversation while eating. The music is up-beat, not too loud, and acoustics seem to be good.

The café has been environmentally conscious since the beginning.  Denise has also been aware and responded to a variety of dietary needs during her ownership. The public, in general, has become aware of lactose intolerance, the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, problems with gluten, and other issues in nutrition in the last decade or two. Denise had a customer who needed gluten-free food in 2006, and promptly obtained the ingredients to make gluten-free pancakes. They have been available at the Talent Café ever since. All orders at the café can be made without cheese, without eggs, without meat, with a milk substitute, or any other way that the customer requires.

The menu at the café provides real food that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Of course, there is regular American fare, also some foods that might appeal to an Asian palate, south of the border tastes, and there is Italian cuisine. How does one little café do all that? Denise herself is Irish. She makes wonderful soups and sauces, a delectable and tasty Eggplant Parmesan, and bakes the most heavenly goods! It is no surprise that almost every bread offered on the menu is baked on site. A loaf of her Cranberry Nut Bread makes a very nice gift. She will also make pies to order. I once ordered Eggplant Parmesan to go. Denise had the cook “deconstruct” it so that it wouldn’t be soggy when I ate it. She gave me instructions on how to put it together later. It was crisp and delicious when I had it for dinner with a friend.

Besides all this, Denise is a lifetime animal lover and protector. Bring your pet with you for your meal and watch her treat BOTH you and your pet like you deserve the comfort and love you want.

160 N. Pacific Hwy. Talent, OR 97540

OPEN  9AM-3:30PM Monday & Thurs.-Sat.   9AM-3PM Sun.

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

TELEPHONE:  541-535-6310

@2019  Talent Cafe.   Denise O'Brien, Proprietor.